Coming home on monday

Okay peeps!
A whole lot has happened since last i updated (like four weeks ago lol). First of all, to explain the headline; we left Ghana two weeks ago due to the lack of water in the whole region of Winneba/South-Central. The water had been on and off actually ever since we came, but the last three weeks in Ghana, there was rarely anything. Of course this was annoying, not being able to flush the toilet (as all of us had “travelers stomach”), taking a proper shower, doing the dishes, washing clothes etc. Basic things you need water to do. But we didn’t really think that much about it as our minds was set to “Africa-mode”. Then, after a few days of travelling, we came back ready to continue our kindergarten-practice, we found out that the river which is the main source of water supplying the whole region, is almost dried out, and the water won’t be back until rain season starts by the end of march/beginning of april. Wait whaaaaat? So we e-mailed back and forth with our teachers trying to find the best solution, as this is a potentially dangerous situation. I say dangerous, because there is a certain risk of epidemic outbreaks such as cholera and Ebola when the hygiene and food-handling is no longer at its best. Especially for us working with children who are all around touching things, and also the fact that we have a completely different resistance to these kind of diseases and would much easier get sick.

We were all really bummed out about this situation, but our teachers was clear on the fact that they did not want us to stay in a potentially dangerous area. So then we had about five days to get everything packed, talk to our schools, fix papers at the university, and say our final good-byes to everyone. Jules and I booked flight tickets to Kenya like three days before we left, and we arrived in Nairobi February 29th. We spent two days here before we took the night bus to Mombasa and spent yet another week by the pool chillin’ and enjoying life.

As I write this, we’re back in Nairobi for the weekend before our flight leaves for Oslo (well, Nairobi->Dubai->Oslo) late Sunday evening. This whole trip as been so crazy with us having to postpone our tickets because of delayed visas from the embassy, great weeks in between with beer-drinking, kindergarten, beach, party, amazingly awesome people, and now having to interrupt our stay because of this whole shabang. I was really bummed out and upset when we figured all of this out, but now I feel that I’m really ready to come home. Despite everything that’s happened on this trip, I would never EVER want to be without the experience. I don’t regret one bit on going, as I’ve learned so incredibly much about other cultures, myself, and how to embrace my job as a teacher the best way possible when I get to that point.

– Kristin


So this is how we “showered” and flushed the toilets for three-four weeks


For the whole shabang of water it was only like 6kr.


At the airport in Accra, enjoying the last Club beer :((


Flying in over Nairobi looks kinda like home


And then we came to Mombasa, and had this view


We’re on a boat mothafuckaaa


And we found paradise


Now I can die in peace


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