A weekend in Accra

Akwaabe everyone (welcome in fanti),

Now we’ve had to days here in Accra, trying to put on a nice tan. Not as easy as it should be, cuz it is rather cloudy. Of course that’s not the only thing we’ve been doing. There’s also been a lot of nice food and drinks. Okay now I sound super shallow. We went out to a bar yesterday after many taxi drives. First we went to this tapas restaurant that we’d been recommended. Before I say anything else, let me say that Accra is a city with H U G E differences. The side we’ve been at the most is rather poor, not fancy-looking at all. This restaurant we’d been recommended was in the new Accra. The fancy part. The part with tall buildings, asphalt streets, clean streets and orgasm-worthy nice cars everywhere. So, as we didn’t know about this side of the city, we dressed like we did the first night. Not looking like rich-bitch obronis (white people in fanti). Long story short, I’ve never in my life felt more underdressed at a restaurant. We weren’t allowed going in because we didn’t have closed shoes and Christian had shorts on, and not long pants. So we left in vain. Or pain. Whatever is worse…

Anyhow, we went to another restaurant, hidden in a mansion in the middle of the more poor part of the city. Super nice food, but we would never have found it if the guy at the tapas restaurant didn’t suggest it. We have pretty much only been eating western food while being here in Accra. We eat so much local food in Winneba, so we feel it’s okay to have some known dishes as well.

The bar we went to after all the taxi drives yesterday is called “The Republic”, and is located at the main street called Oxford Street (which is NOTHING like the one in London btw). We’d been there the night before, and it was fun but rather quiet. But yesterday, my oh my… There was people everywhere in the streets, in the bar, sitting, dancing, smoking and drinking. One more thing I’ve never felt more in my life, was as white as I felt last night. The locals were moving and dancing like only Africans do, and to the local music. But when the DJ started playing songs from Avicii, Deorro, Beyoncé and Cheryl Cole, that’s when we started moving. LOL, ROFL, OMG. The night ended well around 2.30am, so I would say it was a good night out. Julie, Linn and I started talking to other locals and some Lebanese guys. So yeah, we felt pretty cool. Or something…

This was a long and messy post! Sorry about that. I’m going to do some more tanning now, trying to get more obroni (black in fanti).

Kindergarten starts on Monday, so we’re all pretty excited about that. Most likely, I won’t post anything before that.

– Kristin


How everyone carries stuff here. Manuel said he would teach us how to do it.


Christian and Martine chillin’ in the pool


Out and about at the fancy restaurant. (Julie, Christian and Anna)


Delish quinoa salad with beets and chévre. Yum


The mansion was HUUUUGE


And located in this area.


I’ve got 42 mosquito bites only on my legs. And yes I’m on malaria pills, using mosquito repellent and wearing long pants. Still my legs look like this. F***!


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