Ghana 2016

Hello from Ghana!

We arrived at Manuel’s Guesthouse in Winneba yesterday, and this place is pretty great. Ghana so far seems to me to be hectic, people are selling stuff everywhere (and I mean everywhere) and everyone is carrying something on their heads (I’m learning that by the time I get home, looks so convenient). Ghanaians are just about the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met (maybe after Cambodians, but its damn close). They might seem a bit angry or annoyed, idk, but the minute you start talking to them they bring up a big smile and wants to know how they may help.

So what are we doing on this three-month stay here? Besides getting super tanned and integrated in the Ghanaian society, we are doing kindergarten practice here instead of freezing Norway. It is mainly a collaboration between HiOA (my school in Norway) and the University of Education in Winneba. Today we met up with our contact person here in Winneba, Nana, and some of the other teachers and directors of the university. We saw the campus and went to see the different kindergarten that we are visiting during our stay here. Two of them are basically in the backyard of the guesthouse, while the last one is about a 15-minute bike ride away. Julie and I thought we would go to that one, as long as we get bikes to get there! In week nine or ten we are changing the kindergarten anyways, so that we can try different places.

Tomorrow we are going to Accra for the weekend. Staying at (what seems like) a super nice hotel with a pool and workout room, and not to mention air condition! The weather here has been so so so humid, which makes the temperature seem even worse… But oh well, there’s a reason to why we are here!

I’m going to post more pictures of our room and this place later, but there’s a few things that need to be bought and fixed first. It’s kind of surreal that we’re finally here and about to start everything. There was so much trouble with our visas and our flight had to be postponed. But now we’re here, and it will be great to start everything.

Stay tuned!

– Kristin

(PS: click the pictures to see them in a bigger size)


One thought on “Ghana 2016

  1. Hallaa bloggjenta! 10hi. Gøy å se hva som skjer der nede!! Savner dere her hjemme allerede 🙂 Legg ut MASSE bilder!

    xoxo Såræ

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