South-Africa pt 1

So as most of you know I was in South-Africa with my dads side of the family. The occation was our grandmas 75th birthday. We had an amazing trip together, and I’d love to do it all again if I could. We started of in Sibuya Forrest Camp in the Eastern Cape, a couple of hours drive from Port Elizabeth. We arrived late night, and came to an amazing camp, with amazing staff and amazing food. Since we were as many as 15 travelling all together, we’d rented the whole place. Before we left, I imagined that we would go on a safari like Christian and I did when we were in Africa about a year ago (sleep in tents on thin madrasses, eat of tin plates and make food in a truck), but nooo. This was luxury safari at its best! The “tents” had a full bathroom, beds with duvet covers, leaning chairs etc etc. Of course I didn’t mind, I was just a bit flabbergasted when I saw the tents. Maybe I’ll upload a movie later so you can see for yourselves. We had two nights and one whole day there to go on gamedrives (safari, see animals etc). We saw many different animals, and a whole lot of amazing nature scenes. We ate amazing food, had a free bar (wops!) and our rangers (and the rest of the staff) were the best!

After amazing days in Sibuya, we went on to Knysna where we were to spend christmas. It was about a six hours drive to Knysna, and that place was also pretty amazing! We rented that whole place too, so we didn’t have to care too much about being quiet and not making too much noise. We had five whole days there, and they were spent shopping, one day out on a boat, chilling, and of course christmas eve. The only downside about spending christmas in Africa, is that it doesn’t feel like christmas at all. NO christmas spirit. Oh well. We celebrated christmas when we came home instead : )

All in all, it was a great vacation filled with love, good conversations, laughs and a bit more love. This was a huge summary, and I’ll post some pictures now, and some later. Thank you all for making this a memorable vacation, and a huge thanks to grandma Judy, who made this all possible<3


– Kristin


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