Long time, no see!

Sorry for the late update folks, but there’s been a lot going on lately… School + the fact that Eirik came on wednesday, and I’ve had the most amazing time in London with the most amazing boy I know ❤

On wednesday I also did this really cool photoshoot! Annina (from uni) and I were selceted to this viral marketing promotion thingy at Vanity Studios in London. They are located just behind the huge neon light screens at Picadilly Circus, and they were really professional all the time, and I had the best time!

Getting ready in make-up…

One of the shotsImage

There was a lot of shopping, walking, touristing, laughing, fooling around and unforgetable moments… It’s funny and pretty darn amazing having someone who gives you the feeling of being 100% complete. I know people often are talking about their “better half”, but my love seriously is my better half. Everything falls into place when I’m with him, everything is good and he takes away all bad things and all bad thoughts.

That is actually the London Eye in the background.. ❤Image

London tourists!Image


Our fantastic room with the softest bed evveeeeeer!Image

Yesterday we decided to give ourself some real luxury so we ordered room service breakfast! Omg the blueberry pancakes were sooo good! And the croissants.. And the pain au chocolat….Image

Got myself a new bestie at the Disney store in Oxford street!Image

One major thing I did this weekend was getting a new tattoo! I’ve thought about having this one done for at least six months, and finally I did it! I am so happy with it, love it so much… 😀

In the making… His name was Nico and he is from France. Incredibly good! ImageImage

The three birds are mainly for me and my brothers. The smallest one for my little brother, the mid one is me, and the biggest is my older brother. I also had Bob Marleys “Three Little Birds” in mind when I got it. It sort of has the same message as my “Hakuna Matata”-tattoo on my left wrist. I took it at Extreme Needle in Leicester Square, and I’m super happy with them as well. They were super clean and hygenic, and they understood what I wanted and came with recommendations on how to make it the best it could be. So I would most defineatly recommend them!

Anyways, life is pretty good at the moment even though I’m back in my room in Kingston. I have to say though, I really didn’t mind staying at The Montcalm at The Brewery in London. A 5-star hotel is much better than what one would’ve thought!

So overall this week has been really great, and I wouldn’t change a thing… 🙂

– Kristin


One thought on “Long time, no see!

  1. Du er fin ❤
    Eneste jeg har å kommentere som er litt skuffende er at jeg skulle ønske du hadde på deg litt mindre klær på bilde av frokosten. men jeg overlever da. Mihihih ❤

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