I don’t know why the pictures look so weird! Tried to fix it, but didn’t help :/ 

IT’S ONLY THREE MONTHS ‘TIL CHRISTMAS!! And for those of you who know me well enough, you know that I LOVE christmas. Just look here:

I was seriously THIS excited about making ginger bread (pepperkaker)!Image

Anyways, considering what I wrote yesterday about school and lectures and ID-card and all of that, I can attend classes. The thing was that if I don’t pay the tuition fees by the 15th of october, I will automatically be withdrawn from Kingston University. However, sitting in class today I must admit that I felt rather dumb. Our teacher used so many words and expressions, I could hardly keep up! And I’m not too sure about this course anymore.. We’ll see through this week, and the next one how everything works out! I’m thinking I won’t spend 200 000 NOK (each year) on something that doesn’t suit me the way I thought it would. But all at it’s time. I know it takes time to get properly settled down with new surroundings and learning methods, yet something should feel right by now.. Oh well, we’ll see about that later 🙂

I didn’t have (take the time) to take any pictures today, so it’ll do with this nice pic of my ankle which I’ve managed to trample over again (is that even a phrase?). Poor thing is never going to be fixed! Where’s Hermione when you need her..? Okay enough geeksters here. Image

This is my toilet.Image

Ain’t nothin’ to it, gangsta rap made me do itImage

– Kristin


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