A little bit of this and that

Okay it’s been a while since last post, but a lot’s been going on and that’s a good thing I guess.( I’ve also been rather lazy…) So on thursday I had the last lecture of induction week at MCS. Still not quite convinced. Later on thursday was the Geek party, which was pretty cool! Not as awesome as I’d expected, but I had a lot of fun! We started out at Robins place at Kingston Hill with some friends, and later we went to Ama-Gi where the party was.

Thursdays Fresher’s fayre! Sooo many societies you could sign up with!

Beautiful Kingston!

Geeks 4 everrr! (Elines photos btw)

Haha I was far to happy when I found this Bazinga t-shirt! The Big Bang Theory ❤


And on friday, I thought I’d finally get my student ID-card and finish up with enrolment and all. I stood out in the cold wind for about two hours before I was inside and waited for another hour. When it finally was my turn, I got inside and was sent around to like ten different people before I finally met this one guy who told me that I couldn’t enrol because I hadn’t payed 50% of the tuition fees.
Guy: Okay, can you log into your mail or lanekassen so I can see your details? 
Me: Yeah of course! (tries to log into lanekassen.no but realizes I have a new english number so can’t use MinID)
Guy: Everything alright? 
Me: No tiny problem, I don’t have the access to any of the information atm
Guy: Okay (fills in some forms and then print them out). Pay the tuition fees at this account number, and then come back the 5th of october to get your ID-card. Oh and btw you can’t attend classes on monday and maybe tuesday because you are not officially a student at KU yet.
Me: What?! Are you serious?? Oh my god this is bullshit… (storms out in full anger and finally at home realizes I forgot to talk to the students office).
So yeeeee I can’t attend classes tomorrow and maybe not on tuesday! Awesome. I knew I hadn’t payed the tuition fees yet (obviously), but they told me I had until the 15th of october to decide if I wanted to continue or quit uni… Appareantly not! I am so angry that this is the way they do things! I mean can’t they like.. meet me halfway or something?! Guess I have to go down to the students office tomorrow and see if I can fix this, cuz now I’m also banned from OSIS (online student information system), so I don’t know when or where I have classes. Yaaaay! -.- I can’t help the feeling that I’m not supposed to be here when NOTHING works out for me.


Enrolment line! There was about 100 people behind me in line when I took this picture… 


Anyways… later on that day (yup, still on friday) was the Fresher’s ball, which was like the big end to Fresher’s week. I’d bought the tickets, and we were super excited, but we started out at this pre-party where we had a lot of fun and the ball was only until 12am. So we went out and was in line at 11.18pm and the guy told us “sorry we can’t let people in after 11.15pm” … ARE YOU KIDDING WITH ME??! It’s freakin three minutes ago you retarded frat! That’s bullshit! So we didn’t get in, but went straight to the afterparty at Hippodrome which was fun enough except for this really creepy stalker guy…

Haha the only picture from friday 😛


Saturday was spent in cleaning my room a little bit, and so was today! Also skyping with le boyfriend and los brothers and mooom ❤ It’s only three (two) days ’til Eirik is here! 😀 Can’t wait… ❤ I’m really getting on with a cold here, which is soooo NOT cool. Eating painkillers and resting will shake it off though.. I’ve decided that 🙂

Look mom, I finally bought myself a flower! 

Rainy sunday..

My arm/cuts are getting along well! Hopefully it’ll be gone soon…

Riiight haha… So I haven’t had the time to do a proper workout since I got here because of this and that… That’s why this suits me pretty good right now!

So I’m excited (and kinda nervous) to see what’ll happen tomorrow with school and tuition fees and all..! Painkillers and sleep is up next folks. Sorry for the long post btw….

– Kristin


5 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that

  1. Haha, ops, håper det ordner seg smudly med lånekassen og student-id og alt det tøyset der. Pluss liker bildet pluss liker at du har det sånn ganske bra, virker helt ok! :)))))))

    savner deg.

  2. Jeg liker deg. Jeg liker bloggen din. Jeg liker at vi har en date i morgen og krysser alt av fingrer, tær, bein, armer, hår og hele pakka for at ting skal ordne seg i morgen!

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