Hey peeps!

Blogging everyday is going to be hard at least now during freshers and induction week… Anyways, yesterday was the second day of induction week/school. I still think that TBM (television and new broadcasting media) looks really great, but I’m still no convinced by MCS. I’ll give it a go though. Oh yes, during TBM yesterday, our lecturer (Simon Brown is his name) told us that we have a few hand-ins before christmas, and the main (essay) hand-in is by the middle-end of january, AND (here comes the best part..) we do not have any exams at all! We have a few tests before summer, but no exams! If this goes the way Simon said, I think first year is going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy! So that’s just great 😀

This is from the 4th floor at the brand new John Galsworthy building! Super nice 🙂


Also I do have to say that there are not just up-sides living in London… First of all, alcohol is way too cheap, and that is not always a good thing. Like yesterday we were going to this foam party at Oceana, and I bought two vodka-redbulls, one jack and coke and one smirnoff ice for like 6 pounds which is about 55 norwegian kroner! I was home at about 3.30am and had to get up at 8.30 because of school… That was a though one.

This vodka was only 14,99Pounds at Sainsburys…

Pre-party at Robins place yesterday!Image

Yeah there was a lot of foam.. Don’t think I’ve ever felt that clean after a nights out though!Image

Another thing about living here, is having all of your favourite clothing stores within a 20min walk. Yesterday it blew for me, and I bought two pair of leigh-jeans (they’re the BEST) two sweaters and one no-arm shirt… Wops. There are many other things as well, but goood I want to buy EVERYTHING they have at topshop, River Island, Miss Selfridges… Oh well.



I also managed to get myself a bank account at Lloyds TSB yesterday! Weeo, so hopefully I’ll get my card by the end of the week 🙂 Image

Sorry don’t have time to write more now… Need to go to K-town to meet up with Robin and Eline!


– Kristin


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