First day of school!

Okay so until yesterday, I thought that school didn’t start before next monday (the 24th), and I was sort of right because that’s when lectures starts. This week is freshers week AND induction week! That kinda sucks because freshers week is nothing but party, and like tomorrow I have to be at school at 10am… Sooo this week is going to be rather though! But I’ll survive (ofc cuz I’m super awesome)

Today we met the teachers for the first time, and it was really good! I especially liked Television and New Broadcasting Media. The lecturer (Ian) was a rather weird older guy, but I liked him. He got my attention at least! I think this course is going to be really cool. Media and Cultural studies also seemed pretty good, but I might change this course to film studies or french or something later… We’ll see after induction week is over and what there ‘s available!

This is what my timetable looks like so far… Looks pretty good to me!

All of these keys are to my flat… The red one goes to the main door, the yellow one to our flat, and the green one to my room.

My week’s pretty busy… Party all night, study all day! 

And you might see that on the 26th it says “Eirik kommer!! :D”…. Well he does, and when we decided and he’d ordered flight tickets and me the hotel my facial expression was like this pretty much all day:I’m looking sooo much forward to that! Can hardly wait 😀 Love you soooooooo much ❤

This is my breakfast, lunch and dinner! I overslept this morning (and skyped with Mia <33) so I didn’t have time for breakfast… 

They have 2L Pepsi Max bottles here! And it was an offer (like it is on everything else here) 2 for 1, so I had to take two! I’m good for a while now..

This is Tone Lise and I at the BBQ in the park yesterday… She’s my flatmate from Sandnes, and sooo super awesome!

Aaaand this is me and Eline one of the girls from Kristiansund. She’s super nice, and we’re going partying tonight! 

I say this is good for now… But I’ll probably be back tomorrow or something! Sorry for all the crappy pictures btw, but my camera died..

– Kristin


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